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The Patented Multi-Ball Concept
How Are They Used?

Ball Animation




Please Note:
The animations on this page demonstrate how Multi-Ball™ products are used. ISDN, DSL, and cable modems will download the animations quickly. Other connections such as 56K/36.6K/28.8K dial up may take a few minutes to download. However, once the download is complete, the animations will run normal speed after the first full cycle


The Multi-Ball™ 
Internal Thread Micrometer

Place mouse cursor over image to see animation
HIDDEN PICTURE                                       Multi-Ball Thread Pitch Diameter Mictometer                                              PIXELS 1X1


 The Multi-Ball™ 
Internal Thread Location Gage

Multi-Ball Threaded Hole Location Gage
Place mouse cursor over image to see animation
HIDDEN PICTURE                         Multi-Ball Tapped Hole Thread Location Gage                           PIXELS 1X1

See the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

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